Why Go to Mobile Revive


Still relying on your warranty or protection plan? The truth is, we can beat those options, and we're happy to show you every advantage of trusting us with your repairs.


It’s pretty obvious shipping takes time. When you rely on depot repairs, there are two ends of shipping, and no matter how fast they are when they actually work on your device, you’ll be out four business days at a minimum. If you have first-hand experience, then you know the real wait time is usually much longer. Even if you choose a local repair shop, there is often a wait time for replacement parts. We keep 95 percent of our replacement parts on hand and have micro-soldering (link to blog post) available in-house. More importantly, we can get your stuff fixed in 30 minutes or less on almost every occasion.

Repairs in 30-minutes or less with a lifetime warranty. Contact us today!


The whole reason you subscribed to AppleCare, an extended warranty or any other insurance plan is to save money, right? While those plans can save money over the cost of completely replacing your device, they are far from being the most cost-effective option. Depot repair centers are obligated by law to return all devices to a like new state. That means almost every depot repair includes cosmetic fixes that most of us don't want to pay for out of pocket.

More importantly, the cost of any of those protection plans is guaranteed to be greater than the cost of your average cracked screen or other common repairs (link to blog post). It’s a simple for-profit model, and while it’s unfair to fault companies for trying to make money, it means we can easily save you money. Since we can usually fix your device for less than the cost of your protection plan, there’s little reason to go that route, especially when you remember that all of our work comes with a lifetime warranty.


If you're not into saving time and money then there is one more reason to bring your phone or laptop to us, convenience. Time and money are certainly valuable, but we offer many aspects of convenience. Depot repairs are machine-like in consistency, but it means they can’t accommodate special requests. Have a custom design or decal on your computer? Trust it'll still be there when you get the laptop back. Were you hoping to keep your data? Trust everything will be just how you left it. At Mobile Revive, you can talk to our technicians face to face, so we can create a mutual understanding of expectations and requests. In every way possible, we’ll accommodate your unique situation.

Call or stop by one our two locations for more information.