Worried About Your Warranty?

Warranties. They were clearly invented by lawyers or insurance companies because they are overwhelmingly complicated. For many, there is a fear of taking a phone or laptop to a local repair shop because it may void the warranty. That’s a reasonable concern and we are committed to making sure you understand the full extent and limits of your warranty so you can get fast, affordable repairs without unnecessary worries.

What Voids a Warranty?

Warranties are like snowflakes. Each one has unique elements, but they’re all still snow. In the case of warranties, there are a few universal issues that will void coverage. The most common conditions are blunt force and exposure to water. Even newer, water resistant phones keep these clauses in the warranties, so if your device is hurt by a simple drop or spill, the coverage ends. Even more frustrating is that exposure to moisture doesn’t even have to be extreme. Simply leaving your phone in the bathroom while you take a hot shower is usually enough to trip the water sensors inside and absolve manufacturers from responsibility. The result is when customers ship their device in for a repair, the manufacturer is required by law to restore it to “like new” conditions, and people who believe they are covered by warranty are blindsided by excessively expensive service.

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Knowing Your Options

The truth is, almost any physical problem that causes your device to malfunction has already voided the warranty. If a technician has to get to the insides to make a repair, you were already out of luck in this department. Now, simple software repairs don’t void warranties, but that's not as common. Ultimately, the warranty is only there to provide legal loopholes that keep manufacturers from having to fix things for free.

Fortunately, we get to make a few of our own rules, and one of them involves warranties. While we can’t speak for manufacturers, all of our work comes with a lifetime warranty. If your phone or laptop needs work, coming to Mobile Revive won’t void your warranty. It will upgrade it.

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