Why You Can Trust Mobile Revive With Your Data Security

Letting go of your phone is always hard. When it needs a repair, you know it has to be done, but you never want to be without it. You don’t need additional concerns on top of that -- constantly wondering if your pictures or messages are safe and protected. At Mobile Revive, we pride ourselves on the integrity of our technicians. We understand the importance of your privacy, and we spare no effort in protecting your personal information from prying eyes.

All of our techs are carefully screened, and they protect your data as if it was their own. Giving away passwords or lock screen codes can always make you feel vulnerable, but we will never give away any of your information, and we will only use it to the extent necessary to fix your device. You can also feel safe and secure knowing that each certified tech is fully versed in data backup techniques, so if a repair puts any pictures or important information at risk, you’ll have the option to make sure it is properly preserved.

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Even when you can trust professionalism, we know it can still make you feel uneasy to know that a stranger will have access to some of your most personal information. The advantage of Mobile Revive is that you can come to the store and meet the tech who handles your phone or computer face to face. It offers a degree of accountability that is absent from sending your phone into Verizon or some other insurance company, and if you still have reservations, the technician can show you just how easy it is to handle your data without looking through it. So, unless you specifically ask us to view a piece of your personal data, our techs won’t even see it.

Mobile Revive is more than just a place to get your phone or laptop fixed. It’s a business with a personal touch that is deeply committed to your comfort and privacy. Call us or drop by and talk to one of our techs. You’ll see just why we are so confident in our trustworthiness, and you can live with a little more ease the next time you need a repair.