More Than Screen Repairs


Few things in this world can create a sickening pit in your stomach like dropping your phone. We’ve all become so dependent on these devices, and seeing them hit by disaster is devastating. Unlike other major parts of your life, insurance for your phone is expensive and time-consuming, and for most of us, an unexpected expense in this department can be almost insurmountable. 

Everyone has cracked their screen at some point, but that's the only part of your phone at risk. At Mobile Revive we commonly fix more than just your screen. Consider what Mobile Revive can do to help in these instances:

  • Charging Port: Charging ports see the most wear and tear on a phone, and this is probably the very most common repair. Most warranties don’t cover charging port damage, so getting a depot repair will usually run you a few hundred dollars. At Mobile Revive, we get these finished with astonishing turnaround times and a fraction of that cost.
  • Camera: The camera isn’t the most commonly damaged part on your phone, but for most people, it is the most valuable. If you enjoy Snapchat, Instagram or any of the other popular photo and video sharing apps, you’ll feel the pain of a broken camera the most. Don't let your snaps go fuzzy and fix that camera today.


  • Water Damage: It’s sad, but this is the phone killer. Most cases don’t protect against spills, and unless you have a particularly generous insurance plan, this problem is going to cost you a whole new phone. This is where Mobile Revive can save you the most. We will replace only the damaged parts, and give you options between OEM, aftermarket and used parts, so you can get a reliable repair at the price you can afford.

Fix your phone in 30-minutes or less and get a lifetime warranty. Contact us today! 

  • Battery Replacement: Nothing is worse than losing battery faster than the speed of light. We depend on our devices so it's important they keep a charge. With most leading-edge smartphones, replacing the battery requires professional help or voiding your warranty. Don't even bother contacting your provider because it'll cost you. Our techs are fully certified, so we can get your battery swapped in no time without worrying about future issues.

  • Home Button Repair: Like the charging port, home buttons get a lot of use and are prone to stop working, and when that happens, your phone is virtually unusable. This is a specialized repair that usually takes weeks to fix, but we’ll take care of you without that hassle. We will save you time and money.


  • Speaker Repair: While it doesn’t happen as often, losing the function of any or all of your speakers really kills the “phone” part of your device. If you love using your phone for music or videos, then this escalates from inconvenient to catastrophic pretty fast. Yet again, letting us do the repair locally will save you bundles on parts, labor and time.

It’s simple and obvious. Mobile Revive will identify and fix specific problems at a fraction of the price than replacing your phone. Repair depots and warranty channels can’t enjoy this benefit because federal law requires them to return any device to “like new” conditions. This means cosmetic or minuscule damage that you would rather not pay to fix will still be replaced by those repair options, and you’ll be out extra money. We understand how precious your phone is, and we’ll treat it as such.

Visit any of our locations in Aggieville and Westport. Walk-ins are welcome and no appointment is necessary. Most repairs are finished in less than 30 minutes and come with a lifetime warranty.

Ben Warta

Mobile Revive, 544 Westport Road, Kansas City, MO, 64111